Top energy leaders on the Budapest Energy Summit

Top energy leaders on the Budapest Energy Summit

December 3, 2018 | Budapest Energy Summit | News

Budapest, 03.12.2018 – Energy summit is held in Budapest. The Budapest Energy Summit 2018 has more than 300 hundred participants, and 80 speakers, from 28 countries, energy experts, leaders, decision makers. The program is focused to the transition of energy world, security of supply, and a sustainability.

We believe that Hungary and Central Europe will play a crucial role in the success of this transition – said Peter Staray, the Minister of State for Security Policy, in his opening speach, and added to that, that 2019 is going to be a very important year for our region because the decisions we are about to make have the power to frame our energy security ambitions for decades to come.

Francis R. Fannon, Secretary of State for Energy in the United States talked about energy security as well, his opening speach. The United States stands with Europe to advance our shared energy security. There should be many suppliers, but one Europe, and one Transatlantic alliance – he said.

With decreasing margins and a stronger focus on economies of scale, we live in the new age of integrated international energy companies when smaller or undiversified operations cannot keep up. At the same time, key decisions will be made in the following 1-1.5 years that will define the long term regional operating model for the next decade – said Gergely Szabó, Country Chairman Hungary, MET Group, about the market changing.

We must be realistic about natural gas – saind Elena Burmistrova, CEO of Gazprom Export. It has repeatedly proven its self-sufficiency as an essential element of the new global energy system. It can provide affordable, reliable and clean solutions. And it is a perfect partner fuel which, hand in hand with renewables, can lead Europe into a new, low-emission, sustainable and competitive energy reality – she explained.

Here in BEST first day was the European premier of IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2018 report. Laszló Varró, the chief economist of the institution said: under the policies currently implemented in the global energy system is not on track for sustainability, and energy security objectives. Government policies will have to play a key role in correcting the trajectory.

Budapest Energy Summit will continue on Thuesday with the opening speach of Peter Kaderják, Minister of State for Energy and Climate. The role of natural gas on the low-carbon energy age, and the clean energy technologies are on the focus on second day of the event. There will be a unique panel discussion as well, with the two well known chief economist of the world, Laszló Varró of IEA, and Spencer Dale of BP will share their insights about the trends, and the newest figures of energy market.

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